Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kaolin Clay

Fluffy white kaolin clay, also known as white clay which is one of the purest forms of clay. This is used in many procedures:

Soap making - it will add a soft slippery feel to your soap bar soaps, excellent in products used for shaving (men and women)

Face masks are easy to produce at home by adding a few drops of essential oil for your skin type and mixing with distilled water until it is creamy yet holds together.

Mineral Makeup may contain kaolin clay for it's adhesion and sensitive skin properties.

Makeup - for you handmade makeup lovers this is a must have in those powder foundations. Oily skin loves this, it will absorb 1 1/2 times its weight.

Eyeshadows - this is great to add to your mattes to give it a better slip, tone down your oxides and you can really spread your mica to go a very long way.

Face Mask - I highly recommend using only purified water to moisten your clay, you only need a small amount, try 2 teaspoons of clay, add a bit of purified water just until it is a nice paste consistency, add skin safe aromatherapy essential oil of your choice ( please study before using an essential oil, lavender is good for all skin types), add a bit of infused rose water in place of purified water. This should only be used once a week, up to 2x a week on oily skin complexions.

Other uses: Wash your car using Kaolin Clay
Kaolin Clay pulls out gently grit, grime, road tar, bugs and more. It is non abrasive and helps you to get rid of bumbs and rough spots before you do the waxing. Have you ever looked at a wax applicator or a buffing pad after applying wax? If it is dirt you see, you are actually waxing over dirt. This is why high end body shops do use Kaolin Clay. You will see and feel the difference. It is also used in tooth paste as well as an ingredient pest patrol of fruits.

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