Monday, March 7, 2011

Bath Salts With Cyclomethicone

1 teaspoon liquid glycerine
3 teaspoons cyclomethicone
3 or 4 drops of color as required
½ teaspoon fragrance oil or essential oil
2 cups epsom salts, coarse sea salt and/or refined sea salts

Place the glycerine, color and fragrance in a Ziploc bag. Add salts. Seal bag closed and gently roll around until all ingredients are blended and color is even. Pour into glass jars or in small bags and tie off with a pretty bow.

Note: Liquid glycerine helps to coat the salts so that they don't harden up as badly when exposed to moisture. Also you get the added benefits that glycerine offers by helping to draw moisture in the air to your skin. The cyclomethicone will add a silkiness to the skin after your bath.

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